Introduction: Lexi

For those who enjoy a short read I am Lexi, the new writer at Aggravated Bear gaming. If you are just here for the main point of this piece then you are free to go about your day knowing I exist and I hope you enjoy my upcoming pieces here. If however you want to learn a little about me then stick around and hopefully you’ll have a bit of fun reading about me.

As said before I am Lexi. Quick facts about me, I’m a trans-lesbian who has been gaming for about a decade and a half. I used to be entirely a console gamer, now I’m basically flipped and am all PC. I got into Halo: Combat Evolved late and the Xbox 360 was released pretty early in my gaming life. Original Xbox I hardly knew you. The first game I absolutely loved was Ninja Gaiden on the original Xbox, my only excuse to have an original Xbox, followed by Ninja Gaiden Black. I played Ninja Gaiden a lot growing up and became very familiar with it’s mechanics. I beat Ninja Gaiden and NG Black on all it’s difficulties which is not an easy thing to do, for anyone who knows about Ninja Gaiden. I was exclusively a single player console gamer until Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare dropped in 2007. I got Xbox live leading up to that game and I loved it. Side note, while waiting for Modern Warfare to release I cut my teeth online in Splinter Cell: Double Agent which was fun to play online even with the small online population. Back to Cod, I played Modern Warfare online almost every single day until the next Call of duty came out. I quickly discovered the hardcore modes and I never really had any interest in going back to any of the modes in the core playlist. Search and Destroy was particularly fun to me. There was just something addicting about a game mode where everything could shift so quickly without any warning. Even in a round where it was you against the entire enemy team, it still was a very winnable situation and one I really loved. It took me a bit to understand why both Ninja Gaiden and Cod4 had spoken to me so strongly but I believe its because they were both very fast and chaotic games with very high skill ceilings. I just love when a game gives you a well defined toolkit and allows you to show mastery over said kit to pull off increasingly difficult tasks. Multiplayer tends to reach these states of high skill required easier as your obstacles, the other players, tend to learn and adapt more successfully then their AI counterparts in a solo game. Even so I lost interest in the Latest Call of Duty of the year after Modern Warfare 3. Now over the years whenever Call of Duty was out of my life I was searching for the next game that would really grab my attention and take up all my time. I had a stint with Diablo 2 that was a lot of fun. There was multiple tries at Wow, which is something I’m still trying to fully get into. In Wow I currently main death knight and after that it’s pally or demon hunter, depending on what’s going on with those classes. I played many of the games it seems everyone played like borderlands 2 and had fun but no game was able to grab me like Ninja Gaiden or the original Modern Warfare. that is until Nioh for that Ninja Gaiden itch, and Doom Eternal for my First person shooting needs. I picked up Nioh on PC on sale and I have never wished I could have bought a game at full price as much as I wish I could have for it. It was fun and complex, it was part looter-(…slasher?) part high skill ceiling action game. I was 80 hours in when I got a disguise for William to turn him into Ginchiyo Tachibana and I loved it. Once I did that it was off to the races and I ended up putting over 300 hours in. I mained Odachi and I wouldn’t be able recommend it more highly except Nioh 2 came out and if you have read this far in then you should definitely go buy that game. Nioh 2 is gold. Buy it over reading this. But I’ll get into all of that when I write my thoughts on the game. Onto Doom eternal. I missed 2016 Doom and I have zero desire to go back and play it. Doom eternal is damn near perfect for what it is and I refuse to go back to an archaic time before dash in Doom. I’ll also cover my thoughts in detail on eternal later, but to give you an idea about where I’m coming from, I beat Eternal on Ultra-Nightmare before I had 50 hours in the game. I have never played Eternal on a Difficulty below nightmare because nightmare is awesome and at times could honestly be harder. It’s a great game and if it looks like your thing then buy it, but buy Nioh 2 first because seriously, Nioh 2. So, that is me as a gamer in a nutshell. That’s my start and where I currently am in gaming laid out in a hopefully neat-enough package. So If I sound like someone you can relate to or you at least understand where I’m coming from in gaming then check out my stories here. They will be in a format like “Lexi’s review: Nioh 2" or something similar so it will be easy to know when it’s me. Have a great day and thank you for reading this far if you did.

Oh, extra reading that may aggravate some people. My favorite metal gear is rising: revengeance (2013). My favorite Devil may cry is DMC (2013). I’m not a big fan of Sekiro. I picked up at owl on ABG’s run through and beat Owl without being hit, not humble brag. I’m currently working my way through Dark souls. Initial vibes is it’s ok but I find it slow, the combat simple and no boss has impressed me from a mechanics standpoint. It’s boring but I really like my big sword. I’ll have more on Souls later after I beat 1, 2, and 3. Exciting.

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