Kojima and Silent Hill to Xbox Speculation

Let me start this off by saying that I hope the Silent Hill fans and Kojima fans get what they want if this turns out to be true. However, for me, Kojima is just an asshole who thinks he’s clever. His games aren’t clever and aren’t fun. I wonder how many product placements will be in the Silent Hill game? People act like Konami were the losers when Kojima left, but I see it as they weren’t paying someone a bunch of money to just throw it at nothing. He’s not a visionary. His games are just bleh. They exist. If he is doing the new Silent Hill then maybe he’ll add different type of snake ghosts that are also clones. I mean, because that was clever in Metal Gear. Not to mention his stupidly sexist views on women. God damn. Like seriously. I don’t know of a woman from any of his games that wasn’t a fucking stereotype. Maybe someone can point me to one. All in all, I think Kojima is part of the industry that I hate and that’s still around. That Good Ol’ Boys club. The reason we can’t experience different stories from different views because they all have to focus on the same generic cardboard cutout white dude. It’s depressing. Life is so much more interesting when actual visionaries, like the ones at Supergiant Games, get to let their creative minds burst.



I love gaming and I’m huge like a bear. Enough said.

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