My Thoughts On The Nintendo Switch OLED

If you haven’t heard, Nintendo announced the new Nintendo Switch OLED. It’s a Switch with an OLED screen. Not much of a difference between it and a regular Switch. In fact, the only differences are that it has 64 gb of memory instead of 32, a kickstand, and now an ethernet port to plug in your internet if you don’t want, or can’t, to use wireless. It’s all priced at $350 which is $50 more than a regular Switch.

I have seen a lot of people on Twitter, so it might just be some, complain about this. Complain that it is not an upgrade in any way. They would be right. It’s not an upgrade. 32 gb, a kickstand, and an ethernet port do not make it more powerful. If that sells you on it, then I’m happy for you, it’s just not something I care for. As for the other people? I don’t know why they are complaining. Nintendo has always been company that will make as much money off of its brand as it can. This is nothing new. None of the systems I played from Nintendo, going back to the N64, were hardware powerhouses. If you say the N64 then I would just laugh. The Dreamcast was by far the strongest console of that generation. You can go back and look at the specs of every console Nintendo has put out since the N64, won’t go back further because I didn’t really play those, and you would see it’s middling at best. They are the VHS and everyone else is the Betamax. They know this and they know all these complainers will still buy whatever they put out because of the software. They have Mario, Zelda, Metroid, and Pokemon. Nintendo doesn’t have to try. They haven’t had to try in a long time. People are going to love whatever they put out for the most part. Nothing is going to change with Nintendo. Expect more of this. They aren’t a “good” company. They are a company. They want your money. And, honestly, Nintendo is one of the more villainous companies in terms of gaming. Very anti-consumer.

All in all, I am nowhere near surprised at what they are releasing with the Nintendo Switch OLED. I hate Nintendo with a passion, but unfortunately, they have Pokemon and are the only handheld company. I play my Switch every day at work. I’m not going to stop. As long as you are having fun and want to buy this new one, don’t let detractors say otherwise. Live life having fun as long as you’re not hurting anyone by doing it.



I love gaming and I’m huge like a bear. Enough said.

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