Outriders came out over 2 months ago and it put itself on a bad trajectory that it hasn’t left yet. At times I feel it’s almost Anthem-esque, but it was never promised as a game as a service while also being a competent game. The problem where it becomes Anthem-esque would be its endgame and its loot drop rate. To be frank, I stopped playing it a while ago. The main reason was that the drop rates were so horrendous and the builds didn’t feel good to me. Nothing grabbed me. At this point it’s more Diablo 3 than Anthem and I’m just waiting for it to get better to reinstall it on my PC. Hopefully People Can Fly does some changes to the gear. Fuck, they don’t even have a transmog system. A game that deals with gear that changes your character’s look this day and age has to have a transmog system. I know it’s not what some people want, but I can’t think of an honest excuse not to have one. It should be the first thing developers think of when they are adding in a gear system. I’m hoping for them to turn it around like Diablo 3 did and not become another Anthem. Take all the time you need People Can Fly. No rush. Hast makes waste. More cliches.

I love gaming and I’m huge like a bear. Enough said.